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This is a catalog of my kite aerial photos, mostly sorted by location.
My newer KAP photos are in another album, and also on Flickr, the unique worldwide photo sharing site.

I attach a lightweight digital camera to an aluminum frame and it is hoisted by a kite. The camera can be aimed in any direction by radio remote control; the shutter is also remotely controlled.
At this time I've only got a photograph of a very old camera rig of mine. I promise to update soon (he says on 11 Septmeber 2007).

For much more information, go to Cris Benton's fabulous kite aerial photography site, or to Peter Bults' site.

Arana Gulch


Cloverdale Ranch

Lake Moran


Manresa Beach

Moss Landing

Mt. Kearsage

Natural Bridges

Piedras Blancas

Pigeon Point

Rio Del Mar

Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Scott Creek

Shoreline Park

West Cliff Drive

Wilder Ranch

Yacht Harbor

Yacht Harbor Beach