Kite Aerial Photos: Pigeon Point

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse is surely one of the most recognized landmarks along Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. It is located about 30 miles north of Santa Cruz, a few miles south of Pescadero and about 50 miles south of San Francisco. On the grounds are a hostel that can accommodate 16 or perhaps more people. These pictures highlight my need to fly a digital camera - so that I never leave a site without getting the whole picture.
Photos taken February 2001.
I have more Pigeon Point photos. Here you will find some wonderful photos taken during KAPiCA 2003 (KAP conference) , where the lighthouse is slipping in and out of the fog:
I have another group of photos taken when I finally built a rig for digital camera that I could change to portrait orientation - perfect for a lighthouse.

Too bad about the top!
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