Kite Aerial Photos: Shoreline Park

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24-Aug-2001, 4 PM: On San Francisco Bay in Mountain View, Shoreline Park was very windy this day, and judging from the windsurfing equipment at the boathouse, it is probably often windy. Alas, I missed many of the shots I hoped to get, just giving me more reason to think digital, so that I don't have to wait a day for my photos!

Looking North
images/thumbnails/shoreline_03_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_12_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_13_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_14_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_21_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_25_small.jpg images/thumbnails/shoreline_26_small.jpg

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